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The Wayward and the Lost

by Beneath Oblivion

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tobias_rieper Closer to a mellow and less dark Esoteric than sludge. That may be in large part due to the similar vocals. Some quiet parts that never feel forced or "artsy". The first track is for the most part a bit too mellow but hits the brakes toward the end. A mature sound that is in a weird place between funeral doom and sludge. Listen to the second song at 5:15 to know how far they leave the comfort zone. Favorite track: Liar's Cross.
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I never, I never believed, In man or saviors. This world in decline, This world of decline, The needle, the wasted. -Absolution in addiction- They speak control, In surviving never whole. Let them find god, to save them- Let them know solace, in our demise- We fight for nothing, yet still we fight- We die for nothing. Worthless- Save the deed of living down to the concrete graves of promise. The city gives and takes away, Brick by brick, dignity and pride, The thieves will strip us bare, The vultures rise in our weakness. The city sleeps for no man, A morgue for the prophet, the preacher and the poor man-
Liar's Cross 13:46
No value to life or living, Just heartache and strife, Upon hash and gin, Altered, and left sad. The panic, The strain, A grieving heart, in pain. Discarded, disrupted, and gone. (Gone) In these times, of blackened grace, Without dignity, the dark and the light. To fade away, to leave nothing behind, Without redemption, no hope in man, In these arms, a life in mourning, Without hope, the end means nothing. Arise Awaken To this decline The stench of centuries An old death of failure. (Failures)
Hope, is a lie. Is a cold death, A lonely fate. Death is slow, A slower decline, We fade away, We suffer life, in great defeats. Hope, the biggest lie, is a cold death, A lonesome fate. Life is fading away, Never reaching bliss. Release me, From the pain I've seen. A wasted life of great defeats. Forgive me, my eyes to shame. The final cry, a grieving heart of regrets. Absolve me The life that I take The defeated man The meaningless lives. Forgive me, this life that I take. Forgive me, The burdens of our time. The dishonor of man. The wayward and the lost, A grieving, a loss. The huddled poor, The weary masses March to the end. The noble death, is a lie, denied. With loss. Alone in exile, Take me away from this unforgiving, unloved existence. One more dead. The call the toll the road to loss...
Nothing- There is nothing, left to save. No redeemer. No savior. No prophet for the poor man, No progress of the soul. To defeat me- When I am down. To condemn me- To this struggle. Release me from this pain. So far away from myself- Wandering still into a barren field. Alone. ...with loss, To feel nothing To feel nothing To feel nothing
Satyr 16:20
We, the futile, Hand of man's failures, We, the worthless Forgotten, the void Of light, Of suffering Ruins Of loss The remains The isolation Farewell To dreams God The deceiver The tyrant The old man Born to serve We are All slaves to decline. Deceit, before dishonor, The conceit is control, Usurper, of free men, Blindly, following in the name of God. Deviate, Divide, The hunted, The scorned, Hold on- To your guns To your drugs The end is near


THE WAYWARD AND THE LOST is an allegory over over the current state of addiction, and ultimately the hopelessness that is gripping society. Sad melodies reminiscent of old-school and anguish in the screams of life's horror, all put to a funeral march towards the collapse. This is not an album to inspire hope or alleviate anxiety. The Wayward and the Lost is an album intent on diving further into the abyss.


released March 27, 2018

Produced by Billy Anderson & Beneath Oblivion at Cloud City Studios & Everything Hz Studios - Portland, OR
Engine(eared)/ Mixed by Billy Anderson at Everything Hz Studios
Mastered by Andy Perkins at Litterbox Studios - Erlanger, KY
Keyboards/ additional vocals tracked at Litterbox Studios
Drones/ samples tracked at the Ice Cream Factory - Cincinnati, OH

Artwork and Layout by Allen L. Scott


all rights reserved



Beneath Oblivion Cincinnati, Ohio

Hold on--
To your guns
To your drugs
The end is near.

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